The way not to do a mold inspection and testing

Go to this website and click on mold report. Kinda scary when you think about it.

Looks like it had just rained.:smiley:

There is not too much this inspector is doing right.

Not only is he inept…he proudly displays it!

how do you guys store your air o cells? In zip lock bags?

You can just lay air traps inside my pump case. I use Allergenco Ds instead of Air O Cells. Jim at Springfield Indoor Air Quality will give you them free, if he performs your lab work. I do ziplock bag my air traps and write where they were taken from on the bag. Just an extra insurance that they do not get mixed up.

I am seeing that he isn’t sampling far enough from the home and is too close to the overhanging front porch area. He is also too close to the planter bed at the side of the home. Looks like there was a sprinkler system that was running right before he did his outdoor sampling.

In his report he states that he runs his cassettes at 15 liters for 10 minutes, but in the Pro-Lab reports he is using Micro 5 cassettes and drawing 25 liters of air. Absolutely nowhere in the report does it give any kind of interpritation of the results. There is a whole lot of canned comments in there that may or may not be applicable to that property.

I got tired of reading his report, but that is what I found on the first read through. Anything with a Pro-Lab report attached to it, I refuse to take seriously and wouldn’t give it any credibility.

Do you guys not use ProLab for your mold testing? Are they not reliable? Who do you use?

Springfield Indoor Air Quality
Springfield, Missouri

Prolab is okay for preliminary testing. They do not have a high enough detection limit (does not read enough of the slide) for me to feel comfortable on post testing or writing protocols off of. The smaller the detection limit, the more of the slide is read. Springfield was a detection limit of 18 and has comparable pricing.
Also if you use a big lab make sure you send in a unused air trap to prove the lab technician is on his toes. Lab technicians are poorly paid so you never know who is going to analyze your sample. Just call this sample on your chain of custody a room that does not exist so the customer realizes it is the verifier. You will find never talk to a lab technician about the report because most do not have field experience so the advice they give is not very useful.

Makes you go WOW! don’t it.](*,)

I have done that in the past with Pro-Lab and got back positive results. I immediately stopped using them and switched to EMSL.

First page he calls himself a mold collector, not a mold inspector. He is a step up from a loaf of bread!