There are only 80 years between the Civil War and the first nuke


I once wrote on how cows were used in Medieval combats. The producers of Monty Python confiscated it…


Since that Nuke…our physics have stagnated. I know we all think we are in a advanced age but truly nothing has really changed at this since. The pyramids are more advanced than what we are doing today. Elon’s little rocket fueled fleet is not going to take us anywhere, for example.

No going back!

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I think it is amazing that had technology advanced merely 80 years faster in human history, the Civil War would have been fought with nukes.

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If both sides had nukes, perhaps smarter heads would have prevailed and there would not have been a civil war.

Btw. Curtis LeMay did not believe nukes were necessary (vehemently opposing the Manhattan project as a waste of resources) and was prepared to fire-bomb Japan (using a new invention called Napalm) back into the stone age. Unfortunately, history proved he was 100% correct - the initial campaign of fire-bombing had caused more deaths and damage to Japan. Technology advances of just about any type can change the lethality of war. It is hard to imagine something worse than a nuclear bomb, but something more lethal will be discovered / invented.