There is hope.

For those who thought they saw two moons in the sky tonight, let me put you at ease.

I happened to be in the Brighton vicintiy and thought I should pay a courtesy call on my colleague and friend Roy Cooke Sr. and his lovely but understanding wife Char.

Why I am near Brighton is not important. What is important is that Roy and I can throw mud at each other but at the end of the day we both respect each other a lot.

I want to thank Roy and Char for their thoughtfulness and their genuine friendship, which seems to be natural for them.

Roy and I will no doubt argue lots more in the future, but we both understand that the other is only trying to better the lot of all Canadian Home Inspectors.

An aside: If anyone wants a tour of a house that is run by Inspector Gadget, visit Roy. He has some ingenious ideas in place.

Best regards

Bill Mullen

You see Bill, there is hope for that Beer after all!!! :mrgreen:

Great fun wish it could have been longer .
Bill is correct we both only want what is best for all home Inspectors .
We both are doing what we feel is best and we just are going about it in slightly directions .
Bill has been doing Inspection’s longer them I have and when I first started out he was a huge help to me and I have never forgot.
We might not always agree but we both will do our best to treat each other properly.
It was fun showing Bill our place and yes I do many different things and have told my kids when I die I expect there will be many unfinished ideas left to be completed .
Thanks for coming I enjoyed it.
Your Eastern Buddy Roy

Now that is very cool as the younger generation would say.:stuck_out_tongue:

Bill, Roy, I am very excited to see that happening.:smiley:

Both good people down deep. One has to go get right. :wink:

Nice going guys.

Marcel :slight_smile:

Now that is what I call starting the New Year on better terms…life is too short, enjoy!

Hi Roy:

In answer to one of the questions you asked me today, here are some numbers for you.

Current number of National Certificate Holders 204
Number waiting for TIPR or other documentation 139
New applications now being reviewed by NCC 148
Applications being sent from provincial association offices 11
(sent there by mistake)

That makes a total of 502 people who will likely be National Certificate Holders within three or four months if all goes well for them.

I am not yet able to break that down for you along association or geographical lines because I don’t get that information until just before NCA meetings.

Your southwestern buddy,
Bill Mullen

Thanks Bill Much appreciated Glad to see it moving on .
Foggy long trip for you I am sure was not the best for me .
Question on your IR course ask and I will try and help.
Mario and I had no idea before we went what it was about .