thermai immaging?????

As I put togeather a business plan and equipment wants/needs am wondering the cost benefits of thermal equipment???

What are the advantages/disadvantages of such equipment?

What are average costs/brands for a decent piece of equipment?

Thank you in advance for any helpful information you can provide!!!

The first thing that you should include in your business plan is $289.00 for a NACHI membership.

289…money well spent


That cost is already a part of my start up costs. NACHI, after researching other organizations is my first choice, even thou a realtor encouraged me to go with ASHI.

At the present time, reseaching all of the costs that goes into starting a HI business. When I do ths, want to jump in with 2 feet, and no surprises.

I want to be in a cash position to fully fund a business. A underfunded business plan is a sure way to failure


You can get a feel for what thermal imaging is all about on this page,
that has a sample of what our ‘Thermal Imaging’ course is all about.

If you take the course, then you qualify for a free InterNACHI membership.

But be advised, it takes much longer to learn how to be a good home inspector,
than to learn how to use an IR camera. Study as much as you can and research
the market in your area before you spend the money on an IR camera.

The average cost of an IR camera that would be used by an inspector is
approx. 5K-6K… plus training. How well you market will determine how
well the IR camera will do in your area.

The vast majority of inspector go out of buiness because they cannot
communicate well and fail in the area of marketing. Do your research and
ask questions of those who have gone before you.

I am here if you need me. Call anytime.


Good post John, this should get him started in the right direction.