Thermal Cameras

I got a new E40BX Flir camera, But with all the things I have to do with the NACHI new membership I don’t have time to take the class from Interspection (could be wrong on the name)…So I was wondering if there is any Free classes or a place to find techniques on using the camera, before I have the time to take the real class.

FLIR / ITC has a number of online courses, many of which are free, including a course designed for home inspectors (I have not reviewed the course yet).

with a camera,
you are good to go…

Thanks, I have done all the free stuff Flir has to offer…But it was VERY basic…I was hopping to find some place that could even tell me more about what the camera does and how to do it, or just more info about the tips and tricks…But It looks like they are all hidden away in the major classes, that I will sign up for hopefully sooner then later…But Between, NACHI stuff, Paramedic stuff and a 2 month old, makes it hard to make the time for a class I know I need but will have to put off just a little till I get some of the other things done…So if you ever find a free class or something let me know…Thanks.

If you don’t have time for appropriate training, why did you buy the camera now?

Well I guess those on line free courses are doing the marketing trick.

They teach you what you don’t know…

I briefly looked at these courses and there is a lot of information that you probably briefly scanned over without realizing its importance. These courses are simplistic outline of what you should thoroughly understand to perform your job.

Electrical thermal scanning is probably the easiest job there is but is probably the most common inadequately performed analysis by camera owners.

International polling on thermal imaging inspections showed that electrical inspections have the lowest consultant charge per day then all of the other applications outside of veterinary. It’s not because everyone charges so little but because so many people under charge due to their lack of experience that brings the average price down.

I will dare to say that if someone doesn’t know how to charge for their services, it is likely they don’t know how to perform the job properly either.

I would recommend you to make the time to take in-class training to be able to understand IR technology, camera features etc.

You can ask questions, talk to your classmates, do a field assignment which will greatly help you with you goals.

This is true for home inspections as well…

There are a lot of good reference manuals and books available online. Start with this one:
[Infrared Thermal Imaging: Fundamentals, Research and Applications]( Thermal Imaging: Fundamentals, Research and Applications (Books) Michael Vollmer, Klaus-Peter Mollmann $138.63)

Here is a list of my library:

Nondestructive Testing Handbook, Third Edition: Volume 3, Infrared and Thermal Testing Infrared Detectors, Second Edition (Books) Maldague, Xavier P.V. (tech. ed.); Moore, Patrick O. (ed.).

Rogalski, Antonio
Uncooled Thermal Imaging Arrays, Systems, and Applications (SPIE Tutorial Texts in Optical Engineering Vol. TT51) (Books)

Paul W. Kruse
Infrared Thermography for Thermo-Fluid-Dynamics (Experimental Fluid Mechanics) (Books)

Astarita, Tommaso, Carlomagno, Giovanni Maria
Practical Applications of Infrared Thermal Sensing and Imaging Equipment, Third Edition (SPIE Tutorial Text Vol. TT75) (Tutorial Texts in Optical Engi (Books)

Herbert Kaplan
Modulation Transfer Function in Optical and ElectroOptical Systems (SPIE Tutorial Texts in Optical Engineering Vol. TT52) (Books)

Glenn D. Boreman
Field Guide to Infrared Systems, Detectors, and FPAs, Second Edition (SPIE Field Guide Vol. FG15) (Books)

Arnold Daniels
Introduction to Infrared System Design (SPIE Tutorial Texts in Optical Engineering Vol. TT24) (Books)

William L. Wolfe
Infrared Thermal Imaging: Fundamentals, Research and Applications (Books)

Michael Vollmer, Klaus-Peter Mollmann
Common Sense Approach to Thermal Imaging (SPIE Press Monograph Vol. PM86) (Books)
Gerald C. Holst

Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer 6th Edition with IHT/FEHT 3.0 CD with User Guide Set (Books)
Incropera, Frank P.

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