Thermal Imager, 2-year NO QUESTIONS ASKED warranty, FREE calibrations forever.

Chuck, Charley, or David

Is that one any good?

Never looked at or held one. The specs are not impressive.

I think that they outsourced the chassis design to Hasbro or Playskool.

IDK but maybe it comes with a free set of hair clippers or a nose air trimmer??? (JK)

I don’t know of any competing product that even comes close to offering this for free.

I’m not really interested in free stuff in this situation. IR is on my agenda for next year. A lot of the classes I’ve looked at say to bring your own camera. Is this a good start up camera or can 4k get me something better?

Look here for much less than 4K

I cant tell where you are planing on getting your certification from but why do you have to buy before taking IR classes?

When I did my level I, I told FLIR that I would like to take the classes first before buying the camera - what are my options? They said, they will rent me a camera for the class and then I can decide what camera is right for me and that they will not charge me for rental as long as I purchase the camera from them.

So I’d say - consider this option.

They say its best to bring your camera so that you can become familiar with and they can train you on your specific camera. I think that’s a smart idea.

I own some Wahl Clippers for my horses manes but I use name brand Cameras for IR. I would have to have it my hands on it and see some images that they produce and know what kind of software the images are tuned with before I would attemp a opinion

There must be a bunch of “they’s” out there. I’ve heard, get the training before committing to equipment, because once you have some training what you got isn’t what you’ll want.

Just what some other they’s say. I’m sure there are more than a couple of opinions out there for sure.

Juan 4K? I paid 2200 and mine works great. Email me for details.

Billy what course and/or training have you taken so far?

Is the camera you bought one of John’s specials when you sign-up for his “Infrared Certified” course?

…Or ‘they’ dont have resources to give you a camera for the training.


Anyways, up to you.

Hmmm well I didn’t think about that. Thanks guys.

most major mfr. have reps that will meet with you to demo their products
if they’re not available for this how will their service & recal be once you own…
good opportunity for demo & edu

That is true.

If you have one, it’s a good idea to bring it because you can do labs such as determining emissivity, spot size, reflected apparent temp, etc. with the unit that you will actually be using. However, it’s not essential to bring your own unit.

I’m in the camp that says if you don’t already own an imager, wait until after class. You will be learning concepts that are common across most professional imagers and it’s easy enough to learn to apply them to yours. You will also have the opportunity to see and possibly handle a variety of imagers at the class.

The more you know about thermography and what you will be doing with it, the better purchase decision you will be able make. It will help get beyond the price being the principle factor in selection.

Without comparing apples to oranges, is there a comparably priced competitor to this camera with much better specs, warranty, and calibration?

Obviously I can spend more and get a better camera. And obviously I can spend less and get a worse camera. But can I spend about the same money and get a much better camera, warranty and calibration anywhere else? Or is this offer unbeatable?

TESTO 875i is much better quality, has the same warranty and calibration and is cheaper.

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