Thermal Imager, 2-year NO QUESTIONS ASKED warranty, FREE calibrations forever.

Yuri… nope.

Compare all 3:

  • Specs;
  • Warranty (although it is the same length it isn’t as good), and
  • calibration. better.

mark timpani tucson az

Bruce Graham

Gainesville Fl



I use fluke, my buddy uses flir. I wouldn’t venture two far from those brands. I have a ti25, it has picture in picture and is easy to use. If i was to buy one today, there is a new model , that flir came out with, that is really cool, i thing for around 4000.

You could buy a second hand camera from one of the guys here who you trust.
I got mine from Chuck because I didn’t want to spend a large amount of money but still get something that I could use on homes and commercial (when I get there).
Calibration won’t be an issue for level 1 and for the general use on home inspection.
I got my camera first because I kind of knew what I wanted.