Thermal images to Home Gauge

Can anyone help me out with transferring thermal images from my E8 to my Home Gauge software? I can’t seem to get the thermal AND the digital to both come over, just the thermal. Hopefully I’m just brain farting here but if I am it’s alot of gas!!!

I just connect the FLIR camera to my PC, and download the JPEGS into the folder for that job, all the image files move over. Both the digital and thermal JPEGS move over.

Try this support link from HG:

Thanks Dominic, I’ll give it a shot

If the camera is setup to save both separately, it should pull both the thermal image and the MSX overlay from the visual camera capture. If you want them to always be combined, you can change that setting on the camera or you could use the flir tools to manage the image to be imported into the report.
Just going through the CRT class today and noted that. Thought it might be helpful.

Good to know. Through Flir Tools I can easily create a report but I’ve never tried to add it to my software.

I find the overall post-production time to keep going up when you start tweaking all these little things here & there. If you compose and frame your shots properly, hopefully you can just insert them natively (for a general HI, that is).


Depending on your E8 version, you may have WiFi capability to import your photos into your tablet/computer/etc. instead of using the USB cable.

As mentioned above, you have to save the IR and visual files separately in the settings on your imager. If you don’t have that set, you can swap between IR and visual images in Flir Tools and then move it over.