Thermal imaging addendum now built-in to Online Inspection Agreement System. Free. is now built-in to and Fetch Report-friendly


Thanks Nick,
as per usual NACHI is there to help all.


That is awesome. Resistance if futile.

You have mispelled Systems. In section 2 you have mispelled Themal. In section 4 you have used the word “but” twice.

Thanks Carl will fix my copy now.

I know this is probably asking for a lot but is there a way we can have on-line Commercial Inspection, Mold Inspection and Mold Testing Agreements?
Most of my Commercial and some of my Mold clients are out of state. This would help out a lot.
Or maybe someway we can build are own on-line agreements for multiple inspection types?



How about adding the Radon agreement]( to the online agreement system.

I could have used that today for an out of town client.