Thermal Imaging and Breast Cancer

All joking aside, I scanned my wife’s breasts (last year) and I couldn’t locate any obvious defects, but this is one type of IR scan I’m not familiar with. I know that the cancer masses will be hotter than other areas but I’m not sure how to pinpoint issues.

Anyone know what to look for?

Serious responses only…please.

Yes, a really good oncologist.

2nd opinion, GREAT reply Dr. Boyett!

I thought for that, it was camera specific.



I was told that a cold nipple is a good indication of cancer.

I used the Flir camera on my wife last year ,Sure enough it showed a hot spot where her ovaries where , she also had pain there, Went to the doctor she had a growth. I would not recommend it or diagnose medical problems but it was a eye opener BTW she is all fixed up and i will not let her to scan me . LOL lord only knows what she would see.

I knew I get a bunch of wise-@$$ answers.

Forget it guys. I simply thought that there would be a few of you who knew a bit more in Thermography than I did. I guess not.

There was a noticeable pattern with elevated temp when i checked my wife I was not joking

We are not Doctors bro!
If the nipple shows up as a cold spot, its a good indication that the breast has cancer. I was told this by a Flir Level 3 Instructor.

Thanks. That’s what I thought.


Who stated that you were doctors?

I simply wanted to know if anyone experienced IR scans on cancer tissue. Wayne gave me his answer, and that is what I was looking for.

Cancer is not only in the nipple, it develops throughout the entire breast. So the Flir guys feedback is incorrect.

OK, OK…this looks like a pretty good article on the subject: Breast thermograhy

Thank you Mike. Nice link.

Will Decker is a Thermal Medical imager. He could tell us more. Im looking into scanning horses, hear there is a big call.

How can you expect a group like us to leave humor out of this thread, seriously…

“…Noo…Wait… Come back… Im … a Thermographer!!..”

David, As you know I have taken on some stuff with TI, but around here, I think Mr. Decker would be that man to call.

Things can get hot, and things can get cold. You have the equipment, you need someone to tell you about what you see.

I have been to several vets and MD’s with my camera scans in hand. When they can’t find the problem, I bring out my scans. I always get a “what the hell is this?” response.

I had to put down a horse last week from a major tumor that was only detectable with my IR camera. I went through three vets, all the way to Lexington, Ky. If they can’t find it, I can only hope they can figure a way to evaluate IR!

Not Oncology related, but last fall I managed to cut my hand on a furnace front (My first HI injury in 5 years). It started to get infected so I shot it with my camera and took a print with me to the Docs. They were not very familiar with thermography but were very impressed by what it showed. They actually kept the image for the medical file.

Here’s the shot (there seems to be no end to the uses for these IR cameras)

Thats why i don’t let my wife scan me (she put me down)

A female Realtor that was on a job with me a few weeks ago said she participated in IR breast scan studies about 20 years ago at NIH. I have no idea how to interpret the data but she said they had to remain topless in a chilled room for sometime before the scan. I think she said the room was in the low 60’sF.

Go for an MRI to get to know the exact problem. it will give the clear detail of cancer or any other disease. Once the test is done meet an oncologist.

A MRI does not show everything my wife had to have a Pet scan before all was discovered