thermal imaging cameras

how many actualy have one

Not me. But I bet we’ll all get a chance to win one soon. :wink:

I have one!:wink:

That is one of the items I wish to win.

Now only if I can make it possible to be on the computer without waking up the wife at midnight to 3:00am eastern time. (The computer is in the bedroom.)

Give her some earplugs and a mask. :wink:

We have 2 dogs & a cat that sleep with us also, not to forget our 4 year old that she isn’t ready to move to her own bedroom yet. :frowning: If I get out of the bed, everyone wakes up and the bed starts to feel like a waterbed, and it’s not. The dogs start barking also. :frowning:

I will be adding a phone line to the back room soon and hooking up my old computer to it soon… As soon as I find the time to do it.

Our daughter is like a first born. Her brother is 19 years old. From her first marrage.

We are only 36 & 38 yrs. old. I didn’t want anyone thinking we were in our 40’s yet. I’m not ready for that mid life crises yet, like how my dad acted.

This Is A Great Tool For Us To Provide A Good Inspection