Thermal Imaging DVD

Thermal Imaging DVD
Nick suggested that I post information about our thermal imaging DVD for only $39.95.
As always InterNACHI members get their discount.
We also have launched our video download program so you can view the video on your iphone or ipod it you have one and take the video in the field with you.
Just enter NACHI2008
you can also order these DVDs through Relipro
Show Me How Videos

Cheaper on, Google, etc

Shhhhh… :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

I am looking for marketing tips for Thermal Imaging…Who or what industry has everyone had the best rate success and where do I target to get the best bang for my time energy and ultimately marketing money?


First you need to answer several questions before you can properly be helped.

What is your thermal education?

What type of camera do you have?

What is your thermal imaging experience so far?

Do you want to do thermal imaging as a stand alone or in conjunction with another skill set?

Where are you located?

these answers will aid in determining how to help you proceed