Thermal imaging for chickens

Freedom Express Inspections and CMOR thermal imaging performs electrical scans in Poultry houses for insurance requirements in the State of Oklahoma and Arkansas.

We just finished 8 houses today 6 with 35K birds and two with 37K birds. 6 houses were 400 feet in length and 2 were 500 feet in length.

For all your thermal imaging needs call 580-268-3340

Now Charlie just make sure you don’t choke the chicken while working! :wink:

All I got were bull testicles.

Do you have any scans before and after they were cooked?

Whole or as nuggets? With or without BBQ sauce? :wink:

Talk about your chicken-sh*t jobs. Sheesh. :wink:

They were still swinging, but apparently not producing as many swimmers as the breeders wanted. One was a full clone of a big name champion.

I have been thinking about expanding my services for infrared imaging. Now I’m not so enthusiastic… :ack!:

It was actually a really neat gig at a really interesting genetics facility. They brought the bulls though and clamped them in while I shot the images. I just thermally tuned them and turned them over to the vet for analysis. Only got splashed with a little B.S.

I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

Cool Chuck! Did they explain what they look for in the thermal photos? :slight_smile: