Thermal imaging inspection needed in Kansas

Does anyone do or know anyone who does thermal imaging inspection in the Wichita Kansas area? I have a request find someone who can check the insulation, windows, doors etc. The property is located about 50 miles northeast of Wichita. I’m just looking to pass the work on. My benifit is a satisfied customer and realtor.

Try one of these two. I had a job in north west LA that they were both willing to travel to, and you are not much further.

David A. Andersen & Associates
Clarksville - Nashville Home Inspector Lic#40](
ITC Certified Infrared Thermographer Cert#1958
Building Science Thermographer Cert#33784](
HVAC Certification EPA Cert#2046620

Or Charlie Bottger at:

Freedom Express Inspections LLC
CMOR Thermography Certified Level 11 #2097](
NACHI Member
Okla. State DEQ Environmental Phase One Certified
Master HVAC Mechanic (Retired)
Certified Universal Freon by 40CFR 82 Sub-part F
Professional Home Inspector State License # 130
Reporting system by Home Inspector Pro](

Serving the State of Okla.

Jason Kaylor – JJ
VP of Sales
AC Tool Supply](
Fluke Thermal Imagers
FLIR Thermal Imagers
HotShot Hi-Rez Infrared Cameras
Fluke TiR1 Resources](
FLIR B60 Resources](
Retrotec Duct & Blower Door](

Sure that is my turf Have your client look at my web page all of my contact info is there.

That’s in “Charlies Neighborhood”.
Too much travel by air-ground to be cost effective for this job.

Thanks Jason

I will travel too, but Charley is about 4 hours closer than I am in Dallas.

We are located in Kansas City so about 3.5 hours away. Travel on this from any of these locations would be prohibitively expensive for a single IR inspection. But with travel costs included we can arrange an inspection. Thanks.

If it is 50 mi Northeast of Wichita it is in my backyard. I live in Salina, KS and do thermal imaging ingnspections including home energy audits.

Terry G. Stithem
InVision Imagi Services LLC
2155 Wesley St
Salina, KS 67401

3/1/09-08/06/09 think your a little late?

Keep following up on those leads! :wink:

What are you qualifications?

We need to link with good thermographers across the country.

I didn’t see much on your listed sites.