Thermal Imaging of the Entire USA

Bah I had this idea for marketing of an energy auditing or IR business a few years ago. Should be a good lead source when it is done.


I don’t see how the reports will be all that effective or helpful. They’re gonna be driving by houses so basically only one section of the house will be scanned. This seems like the type of thing that would take an enormous amount of time and start-up capital to get started followed by years of very little income while just hoping it will actually someday catch on.

Once any upgrades are made than the image basically becomes obsolete. Maybe I’m missing something here. Seems like a waste…

Gregg Stockton pushed a similar idea a couple years ago and didn’t get far. They also tried it in Europe. Do a thermal scan on a masonry building after a day of solar loading and you’ll see lots of misinterpretations of heat loss when you image it at night.