Thermal Imaging Training / Classes

Next thought.

Buy TiR / $4200.

Go to class learning camera use, interpretation & other goodies. $1500 +/-

Travel, Food & Lodging. $0 if close to home OR $1,000 if not.

Loss of Inspection Income for 3-4 days @ minimum $800 p/day = $2400 to $3200

Total Output = $8100 to $14,000

Thats a butt-load of jobs in the midwest just to break even, before you start making money.

Very true.

Our Level I WAS!
Bob Roberts did all kinds of work at NASA! :wink:

David I also had Bob Roberts as my level one instructor he is the Senior instructor as listed in the front of the training manual, very knowledgeable. He stated there are only 50 ASTM certified level 3 thermographers in the United States.

What I don’t understand in reference to what I was told this last weekend from a friend of mine who has been doing Infrared since 1994 and was trained by Snell he stated he was a level 3 thermographer as to Snell standards but was not a level 3 ASTM. ITC certification is according to ASTM standards with the 3 levels of training. Not sure if I understood exactly what he was talking about I am going to pursue this information and go to Snell’s training site and see if there training qualifies for ASTM or not. Have not had the time yet perhaps someone else can chime in on this.

BTW I have my level 2 training seat confirmed by ITC in Dallas the last of April and have done something that might be of intrest to others wanting training from ITC. I asked for my training manual to be sent to my home pryor to the start of the class to get a jump start on my reading and Dr Bob has agreed to this but ITC is in the process of re-writing the level 2 manual so I have not received the up-dated manual as of yet.


Great idea about getting the manual sent prior to the class.

Actually, his name is Bob Rogers

I enjoyed his knowledge in the course too. :smiley:

I think you mean ASNT, not ASTM.

ASNT approved the Level I, II, III courses, but ASNT does not certify
anyone personally except NDT Level III only.

So when a person says they took an ASNT approved coure, that does
not mean that ASNT certified them, or their methods, or anything to
do with their home inspection. Some use these terms in error.

The normal home inspection is not done by any of these standards anyway.

Thanks Larry,

Damn it! Too much Irish stuff going on around here this week! :slight_smile:

Yes, Bob could pull some stuff off the top of his head!
Got me going on some Ham Radio stuff ( that you don’t want to know about)!

Yes thanks Larry Double dammit just typed what David said without thinking
his name of course is Rogers hope he don’t follow this BB. He also teaches night school for electronics

John I stand corrected was looking in my book at the wrong page. but the point I was trying to make was there appears to be more than one level 3 catagory available going to have investigate further. I don’t understand All I think I know about this:shock:

BTW when I have a camera in my hand I am not doing a NORMAL inspection

No matter what other may say, I think your normal Charlie… :mrgreen:

He seems ok to me.