Thermal Inspection for Wasps

I’m a new inspector in Texas, but I have a friend in Layton, UT that has wasps behind his stucco and between his basement and first floor. He’s had 3 or 4 pest companies out and they don’t seem to be able to locate the nest. Would an IR camera be able to locate the nest so damage can be minimized to get the wasps taken care of? If so, can you recommend a qualified guy in Layton, UT area?


Agree with Jeff. I have found honey bees and the comb in walls, but not wasps. Under the right conditions, its possible.

You might have better luck using the acoustics route with a little observation. Observe where they are entering the structure and use a sensitive microphone to locate the main hive. Even in the hive they will make noise. Obviously this is best done at night when exterior noise sources are most likely lowest. Your friend can even try a simple stethoscope first before bringing in an acoustics specialist.

Good suggestion Manny. My experience with wasps though is they tend to quiet down when in heir hive and are not active 24/7 like bee’s are. Their hives are for rest and procreation, not food/wax production. JMO.

Can’t you just find out where they go in from and close it?

You can try, but seldom works they can find another way

expending foam every where until they have no more way in/out

p.s. I’m no expert