Thermal inspections

I’m starting a company that will specialize in doing thermal inspections (central Arkansas). Since we will not be offering an entire full-blown house inspection, what are some ways I can advertise my services?

I would believe by offering Home Inspections with thermal would get your foot in the door.

What is your target market? What is special/different about you in terms of equipment, service, qualifications?

For my business, the broad objective is thermal inspections. The first thing to start inspecting is houses. Once we get more resources available to us, we will expand and cover things like automotive, mechanical, soft tissue inspections, etc. If the thermal properties of an object reveal something about it that save money or time, then it is probably worth doing.

If you are not offering regular home inspections, you may find it difficult to get traction offering IR services for buyers or sellers as you will be competing with Home Inspectors who are also offering IR and using the fact that the are already on the property to offset a large portion of what they would need to charge to do stand alone IR inspections (much of their fixed cost will already be recovered through the HI fee). You will probably find it difficult to attract prospects and offer competitive pricing against the HIs.

I expect that would leave you to compete for the non-sale related home IR inspection market, which is likely to be driven by current homeowners wanting reduce energy costs (IR audits) or diagnose problems (e.g., water penetration issues). You will find yourself competing with home inspectors in these segments too, but probably on more even footing. Expect many competitors who perform energy audits to lowball the audit aspect so that they can make money on remediation.

You really need to assess your target market and create a business plan which will allow you to capture clients, compete and make money (competing by charging unsustainably low rates will only harm you and everybody else).

Then you need to answer the second question in my first reply in a manner which will convey value to your target audience.

Define your target market for each service you intend to offer; Craft the key messages which will draw your target market to you; Choose the most effective delivery methods which will get your message to and heard by your audience.

What camera do you have ?

Are you going to:

Inspect for over heating electrical ?
Inspect for moisture ?
HVAC System ?
Insulation ?



Good Luck… An infrared camera is proven to be only another tool in an inspectors belt, however a lot o’ fun camping, at the bar, under sheets, and spotting for prey in the night…

i know all the benefits other than “at the bar”. What are the benefits of taking your camera to a bar?:smiley:

You can locate heat related moisture issues.:twisted: