Thermal Reflection

I was working on some Inspection photos and thought I would post these as a good example of the effect of “reflection”.

You can see the eve on the wall as well as in the window.

The upper floor window is not hardly noticeable because the wall reflects almost as good as the glass.

We are seeing the perpendicular wall reflection information over that of the rear wall. There could be issues in this area that is hidden by reflection (just as the window is).

For those that haven’t been to IR Training yet, The sharp “angle of perspective” between the camera and the wall is causing the increased reflective effect. Regardless of the material of the wall, reflection will occur just as if it were a shiny object where we would “expect” to see a reflection.

My reason for taking the scan was an unvented bathroom vent discharging above the eve.

Beautiful photo

Superb the NACHI BB sure has been a great learning for me and I am sure many more .
Thanks …Cookie

Dave, also taking pictures from several different angles will help with understanding reflection.

Looking at radiant heating pipes in an older house ceiling. See the reflection off the vinyl coated wallpaper?



Educational and helpful…:smiley:

Will Decker,

These are the pic’s of the heat pump refrigerant lines observable through the brick siding we discussed.

Peter, I thought I took a thermal from another angle, but I didn’t.

I was looking at the hot eve initially. The reflection occurred to me later.


Thanks David!

Hi Dave, I’m trying to get myself trained to take more pictures than I need as I’m a newbie.

I have a IR only next week on two commercial buildings for heat loss and I have told my client that I will take app. 30 digital pictures and 60 IR pictures most of which will not end up in the report but it helps them to understand why I’m charging 100.00/hour, including report writing time. Some may say this is cheap but that’s OK, Commercial IR is a new market and that’s not bad pay to develop a new segment of my business.

I’ll post pictures when I’m done.

Great pics David you must of read my mind was getting on line to show a reflection from today found it by accident was walking into a tiled bathroom with the camera on to look for water and I observed the funny looking spots on the floor and as I studied what the devil they were it dawned on me these spots move where ever I do; Wala reflections there was a row of lights above the lavatorys eight by count and the exact amount shown in the floor reflection. My instructor was very implicid about reflections stated make sure you move around and see if the image follows you

The 3 pics below were taken in the same house the first one is of a tiled floor in the basement with embedded air supply duct in the slab furnace operating you can follow the path of the duct

The Pic on the right is of the kitchen ceiling with a spot out in the middle for no reason. When I went into the attic I observed where a ceiling mounted exhaust fan had been removed and the duct through the roof was still connected allowing outside air to blow down on the sheet rock below;the wind today was astroshis

The Pic in the middle was a bedroom Dry wall with a tiled shower stall on the other side. I had been running a lot of water in the stall mostly warm and it was spraying on the stall wall and of course gravity from point of impact conducted right through to the bedroom side.

I am of the opinion that there is a reason for every image one observes if he will just spend the time to look for it.


Nice pics of T-reflect in the window and the hot spot in the eve.