Thermal roof survey question

What’s the point? If they want a survey, then isn’t there a leak? And if there is a leak, don’t you now know the approximate location? Can someone please explain this to me? Thanks.

Nope. If you can’t comprehend the extent of evaluating water intrusion, I am not going to try and teach you.

No. There is not a leak in most cases (by the time they get around calling you). There is water, but there are three sources of water…

Do they want to know the extent of damage to consider replacement over repair? I’d say so.

What is your point? I had a better opinion of you than this.

Looking for water trapped within the roof system

A small leak indicates a much bigger problem normally as well as a roof that maintenance may have been ignored.

A survey is preventative maintenance.

we’ve tried
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So if I understand correctly, you’re looking for moisture trapped beneath the surface before it actually exposes itself.

I’m only level I David with much still to learn.

If it has not then yes.

Or you could be checking to see if repairs were done correctly as in roofers patching over wet areas instead of repairing those areas.

Or like I said before, preventative.

Some (most) water never exposes itself.

If it does, it looks different thermally.

Most of the time the client wants to know if they should repair or replace the roof. I can’t remember ever being asked where the hole in the roof is, just the size and location of the affected area.

Much of the time, the water under the roof comes from someplace else than the roof. Flashing, parapet walls, pitch pockets, HVAC curbs, skylights, perpendicular walls, gas pipe standoffs, satellite dish and other electronic connections, signs attached to the building, Penthouse construction etc. You can locate where the water comes from, but you don’t always fine the hole.

Thanks David. You mentioned in another thread that you teach classes on thermal imaging. Where would you be doing this?

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I conduct Clinics for Flir Inframation conventions.

I set up and teach in-house industrial Thermography programs.


Infrared inspections of roofs most often refer to insulated flat or low slope roofing systems commonly found on commercial buildings. When performed properly, infrared inspections can show the location and extent of moisture trapped within a roofing system. Such moisture may be the result of leaks in the waterproofing membrane, defective details such as flashings, or it may be the result of condensation, or water that was built into the roof during construction.

Data from a properly conducted infrared inspection can provide information that is useful for condition assessment, roof maintenance, or quality assurance inspections of new installations, repairs, or retrofits.

The topic of Infrared Inspections of Flat Roofs was recently featured at our content-based website, IRINFO.ORG. This Tip and hundreds like it may be accessed for free in the Tip of the Week Archive Section.

Should you be interested in performing infrared inspections of flat roofs, you might wish to obtain a copy of the Standard for Infrared Inspections of Insulated Roofs available for $35 from the Infraspection Institute Online Store.

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