Thermography Addition to eInspections

Very cool addition to eInspection is the recent “Infrared Thermography” section that allows the inspector to have two independant film strips of images (one control, one thermal). Awesome!

I’m very exicited about using eInspections and the Inspection Support Network. It took over a year of deliberating, investigating, and business planning to come to the very “important” decision to incorporate eInspections and the ISN in my home inspection business - Richardson Home Inspections, as well as my new Infrared company - Richardson Building Diagnostics.

The support staff has made leaps and bounds in designing eInspections to be one of the premier home inspection software packages on the market today. It is simply amazing how the program has evolved in just one short year. With all of the enhancements with the ISN, the online scheduling system, and the new Infrared Thermagraphy section, I believe that the software is one of the most advanced and complete software package out there.

I’m very pleased and happy to be a part of the eInspections family :smile:



NACHI Members,

Take a lok at this video:
These are the main reasons I made the switch from HG to eInspections.