Thermography QOD 10-13-2008


Where do you see 'Thermologist" in my signature line?

I see (in plain view) “Thermographer”


opps, sorry…Wrong Dave.

I think we should start using David A. and David V.

Sorry…I meant David A.

So many David’s :slight_smile:


David A. here! :slight_smile:

Yes, were all getting mixed up!

Okay, let’s see I am responding to Kevin…

Thank you for pointing that out. That came from doing a keyword search for search engine optimization.

I guess I cut and pasted that without giving it any consideration. I will change that to “certified infrared thermographer” which I am certified for!

Are you trying to get back at me for nitpicking the use of terminology? :slight_smile: :wink:

Thanks a lot! I don’t want to be producing false advertising!

David A,

Did you participate in an Equine IR imaging program?

I’d love to get into Equine IR imaging, but I can’t locate anything in my area.

I attended in equine symposium in northern Georgia that is designed for Ferrier’s. This mostly covered leg issues in relation to horse shoeing.

I am also working with a Ferrier that recently moved to South Carolina that utilizes IR in her business.

There is a certification program coming up in California if you’re interested. If you want to take a road trip, let me know and I’ll dig out the information for you.

or you can get it at the above Ferrier’s website at:

No, I am not picking at you…You are a valued member here, and you have my respect just by merely reading your comments here.

I just didn’t know if you were actually trained in that application.


Seriously, thank you for pointing that out. I’d rather hear about it from a friend!

Sometimes we just can’t see the end of our nose! :slight_smile:

I am only interested in an equine IR training program due to the many horse race tracks we have here. I’ll be able to market my IR thermography services to these race tracks.

Here’s one horse I scanned a few months ago. I already know what’s going on with this particular horse, can you tell me…

Hey…where’s the upload image icon (paperclip)??? It’s GONE.

I can’t upload the image right now.

I currently do all my scans in conjunction with a Ferrier and/or veterinarian. I do have 10 horses to practice on and improve on experience levels. If nothing else they give me a good baseline of healthy equine physiology.

I’m working on a program with three day eventing horses. I would be working on my own, however there is always a veterinarian on-site for the client to consult with.

E-mail me the scan if you can so I can manipulate it in my software.

Right now I’m out the door to go do a thermal job that I’m interested in taking a look at it this evening.

You’ve Got Mail.

I thought I would post what David Valley and I have been discussing in the background, But we can’t post photographs here.

I figured maybe some equestrian folks like Charlie B. could add to our observations.

There are a few interesting points that came out of this and I would like to share with those who do any kind of infrared service.

David forwarded me a radiometric scan of a horse he had encountered in the past so that I could manipulate it and offer an opinion of what I saw.

You can view this article at:


Nice web page. I’d really like to get into Equine inspections and I’m looking (locally) for someone to train me in Equine Ir inspections. It appears trhat I must travel to do this.