I did a 8 year old high end home for my 2nd inspection of the day. The heating and air was gas fired all original to the house. The thermostats were both heat pump thermostats with an emergency heat switch. I am 100% positive it was a gas fired system and not a heat pump system. Any issues with the thermostats??

It could do the job and I guess the installer was trying to save some money .
I would recommend they have the installation checked by a qualified furnace installer.
I do not believe that a heat pump thermostat would have the proper anticipator required for a gas furnace and the home could have overheating
and this could effect the home comfort.
The anticipator shuts the furnace down before the home reaches the thermostat setting knowing that the residential heat in the system is still coming .
A HRV expert might be able to explain it better them I .
Roy sr.

are you sure that its not a heat pump there are fossil fuel heat pump systems that use gas furnaces instead of electric for emergeny heat