These darn home shows

Why is it that everytime I am watching one of these shows the inspector is asked if he would buy the home and they answer yes or no? I thought that was overstepping what you are getting paid for and should be none of your concern.:roll::mad:

I would like to see them say NO.

Asked that question regularly myself.

Randy I have thought the same thing also.

I get asked that, and I say (kindly) “That isnt a fair question, I am not in your situation: financially, I dont need a house, I would need 4 bedrooms, Etc,… Question is, would YOU buy this house, now that you have seen exactly what you are buying?”

I get asked that question too, and my answer is;

" I can’t make that decision for you. I am reasonably happy / unhappy with the structure but only you know the rest of the equation and can make that decision."

Then I get in my van and drive like the wind before I get asked again!!!:smiley:

Aw I just say got running shoes on?
Or nice lot!
or it does have a great view