These people are unbelieveable!

Received this email today. Thought you might get a laugh from it.

Are you a property owner in the United States, I am Henry Kings I worked as a finance manager here in UK before my resignation, i made an excess over draft of us$100,000,000 (One Hundred Million United States Dollars) which I intend investing in equity. Please fill in the below and get back to me as soon as possible. PERSONAL INVESTMENT FUNDING APPLICATION FORM FOR EQUITY First Name: Last Name: Address: City:…State…ZipCode… Owner( ) Rent( ) Home Tel:…Cell…Email… Social Security#… Occupation… Date Of Birth… Date IMPORTANT NOTICE This is an investment program that offers 100% funding upon approval. This program is not a loan program and has no direct liabilities to the beneficiary. United States Residency is a must. 1. Are you a property owner in the United States Yes( ) No( ) 2. Do you have an existing home equity line of credit or personal/business line of credit account with any tire one US Banks. Note: Credit cards,mortgage loans,checking accounts are not accepted. yes( ) No ( ) 3. Provide line of Credit account number:… 4.What is the credit limit on your line of Credit account account USD$… 5.What is balance presently owed on your line of Credit USD$… 6.What financial institution is your line of Credit with… 7.`1-800 number or toll free… Investment Amount… Duration 30 days( ) 60days( ) 90 days( ) I hereby authorize the investor to verify the above information for investment decision. I certify that the information is true and to the best of my knowledge. … … Applicant’s Signature Date

They ask for everything.