They are gone!

The Mexicans, that is, for the most part. Most of the places where you would see laborers waiting to be picked up are empty. Has anyone noticed that elsewhere in the country? :shock:

Nope. Home Depot on E. Ponce is still full of them.

Just in the last 2 weeks this happened.

This is ironic. The place where I work full time hires them left and right…
We found out last month that the company is moving the production to…

Hmmmmm. That deputy shooting that laborer “daid” has the tinge of rat to it. I’d be checking to see how much life insurance the old boy had on his wife. No robber conducts a robbery in a basement; too confining a space and world class stupid to try and rob not one but two police officers knowing full well they are usually packing.

Yep, it smelled fishy from the start. It will be interesting to see the outcome.

Many ileagle imigrants left Phoenix after a law was passed holding the Employers acountable if caught hiring them.