They are selling the physical addresses of home inspectors?

American Society of Home Inspectors - InspectionWorld 2020 Attendees


Would you be interested in purchasing American Society of Home Inspectors - InspectionWorld 2020 Attendees/visitors mailing list?

Our list comprises of contact name, job title, company name, website, physical address, email, phone number.

You can make use of this contact list for pre-event or post-event marketing campaigns and network with clients at the event.

If you feel I should talk to someone else from your organization, please forward my email to him or her.

If this is of your interest, email me and I will send you the number of contacts available, cost associated with the list, etc.

It would be great if you could reply at the earliest!

Looking forward!


Angeles Morano

Demand Generation

Please reply with “Leave Out” if you do not wish to receive further emails.

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WOW!!!.. :scream:

You of course purchased the list right? Nachi should buy it just to send a direct mailer to each of them letting them know that Nachi bought their information from ASHI.


Remember this when you are invited to an ASHI get together.

What a low thing to do… :flushed: :scream:

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Skunks Wow! :skunk:

The fact is the Home inspectors are some of the biggest influencers in the home owning industry. Getting the buyer or homeowner’s contract information is small potatoes compared to the Inspector that has face time with on average 200-300 homeowners a year! It’s sad that Industry leadership has sold out our brethren, while they paid to attend.


It is good that the 2018 “Member of the Year” is sharing his presence on our forum.

Welcome, Patrick.

And, you are right to speak out about our personal information being sold to carpetbaggers.

Is the criteria for the award to spend a lot of time in here on the forum?
I assumed it was who was most influential in our industry and helped out their fellow inspectors, regardless of the method.

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Here is the criteria, Shannon:

Read all the way through to the end.

It is just nice to get to know the candidates.

Thanks for asking.


The “criteria” does not include an unfair ballot box stuffing from unknowns.

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Were any of the “unknowns” NOT members of InterNACHI?

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Shitty deflection… … …

You know exactly what happened.

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I do… the forum old hat’s handpicked nominee did not win, so feelings were hurt. Quite simple. :man_shrugging:


There were nominations.
No one was handpicked… uh, I’m sorry by all the unfair ballot box stuffing there was someone handpicked.
How many times have you helped out/participated here before your presence to vote. Just like most others, you happened showed up.

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Here… minimal.
In-person, at Chapter meetings, conferences, training classes and in MULTIPLE Facebook groups… COUNTLESS.

That is the ENTIRE point of my posts in this thread… the award is primarily based on participation in THIS forum, which was NOWHERE in the criteria as a pre-requisite for the award. You guys got all up in arms because people came here specifically to vote for Pat last year. He was, without a doubt, one of the most active people within the inspector community last year and was fully deserving of the recognition.
In fact, I just looked through the forum today… did y’all change the rules to a closed vote? No longer is it an award chosen by the InterNACHI community, but only the Award Committee now?

** No disrespect to Mr. DiPiero intended, I am sure he is very deserving of this year’s award. Seems he was very active on this forum.

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It was changed to STOP the unfairness thanks to you, the fellow who
showed up for BS & never contributing here.

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Mr. Gatewood, I am sorry to hear about your discontent hear.
I will answer your posts as best as I can.

**No, we were well aware they were Members of Inachi.

We do not hand pick Nominees as stated, they are Nominated by any of the Members of the message board.

The Awards Committee members prepare and submit announcements concerning awards for publication and dissemination on the InterNACHI Bulletin Board or other means like email or websites. That is how it was written in the By-Laws back in 2004. The intent of the by-laws and the communication when it was established, had no intentions of providing awards to nominees that were not even known to the forum members that participated in social media etc. Facebook.
The Awards Committee does not go or monitor FaceBook or other social media to determine if the Nominated Members face up to the Nominee’s assertion that he qualifies for an award.

So yes, we had to change the rules to accommodate the obvious and unfair condition that we observed.
Unfortunately we have not got to the point yet of changing the criteria in our chapter to reflect those changes.

The statement that says we are all up in arms in not correct.
And for your information today, yes, the Awards Committee will continue to choose an Award Nominee on the Forum based on participation, conduct, professionalism, and help that is made available to other members of the forum.
We have no control on the performance of Inachi Inspectors outside of this forum.

So in light of the above, I ask that you keep your negative comments of the Award Committee to yourself.
Thank You and hope that you could show a little more positive participation in this forum.

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In light of the posts from Marc and Marcel, I would like to request that the name of the award be changed to the “InterNACHI Forum Member of the Year”.
Obviously, that is the only thing that matters to the Committee members as they prefer not to venture outside of their box that is this forum and see the vast array of ways that InterNACHI members are advancing the profession for other inspectors and promoting both the inspection industry and InterNACHI as the gold standard to the general public.

@gromicko - any thoughts on my request based upon the reasoning given?

Sir, you are in no position to tell the InterNACHI Awards Committee what to do or not do.
The awards program was set up way before you showed up.
With an attitude like yours, you can stay on the social media network little box and we will take care of the ones that are willing to help over here further their education and inform others on how to help others.

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Shannon, couldn’t that statement you made (above bolded) relate to the majority of the Facebook group, too?