They got the shingles clean

Maybe a little too clean. Seller told buyer they pressure washed the roof.

Good one thanks for the pictures .

Well they eliminated any doubt about whether it’s time to replace it or not.

That was a very costly mistake.


How could you not agree with the above statements. :roll::roll:

Ouch as in “Ouch, they really screwed up those shingles!”

Stupid is as stupid does!!

Could you imagine…the owners must be sick to their stomachs. Wouldn’t you think after first couple of shingles when they watched the granules being washed of they would have thought to themselves this might not be a good idea?

Perhaps they didn’t like the look of the shingles with the granules on…

Time to clean the gutters. Fail.

this is why hiring your neighbor’s teenage son is a bad idea …lol