They try and act so innocent

But there’s just no hiding it :wink:




Busted !!!

Another ancillary service to offer “Pet Detect”.

Call us with your pet "pee"ve.

LOL… I think I see one eye open…:slight_smile:

The most expensive Pee detector

I have had quite a few of those.

Worst one was when the lady said, “an accident? my dog? NOOOOO he never does that.” Then she proceeded to rub the spot and smell her fingers, when that wasn’t conclusive for her, she placed her nose directly on the carpet and sniffed. I didn’t know whether to laugh or gag.

I might have done the same thing on that pink carpeting! LOL

Tell me youse guys on the west coast don’t REALLY go around checking OR sniffing carpet to see if its got dog / cat / kid PEE.

Thats a buyers chore out here.

The funny thing is, CA has disclosures that are specific to animal “stains” or soiled carpet. Most of these homeowners will deny that their pets have ever soiled the carpet.

I’ll show them the images, but I’m not touching or sniffing anything :roll: They can fight it out among themselves :wink: