They're house don't have any insulation in the attic?

We are in a business that relies heavily upon our command of the English language. When i see sentences such as " They’re house don’t have any insulation in the attic" It makes me wonder what your reports read like. My own grammar isn’t what it should be but come on!

You know who you are.

A contraction is a word or phrase that’s (or that has) been shortened by dropping one or more letters. In writing, an apostrophe takes the place of the missing letters.
aren’t** are not **
can’t** cannot **
couldn’t** could not **
didn’t** did not **
doesn’t** does not **
don’t** do not **
hadn’t** had not **
hasn’t** has not **
haven’t** have not **
he’d** he had; he would **
he’ll** he will; he shall **
he’s** he is; he has **
I’d** I had; I would **
I’ll** I will; I shall **
I’m** I am **
I’ve** I have **
isn’t** is not **
let’s** let us **
mightn’t** might not **
mustn’t ** must not **
shan’t** shall not **
she’d** she had; she would **
she’ll** she will; she shall **
she’s** she is; she has **
shouldn’t** should not **
that’s** that is; that has **
there’s** there is; there has **
they’d** they had; they would **
they’ll** they will; they shall **
they’re** they are **
they’ve** they have **
we’d** we had; we would **
we’re** we are **
we’ve** we have **
weren’t** were not **
what’ll** what will; what shall **
what’re** what are **
what’s** what is; what has **
what’ve** what have **
where’s** where is; where has **
who’s** who had; who would **
who’ll** who will; who shall **
who’re** who are **
who’s** who is; who has **
who’ve** who have **
won’t** will not **
wouldn’t** would not **
you’d** you had; you would **
you’ll** you will; you shall **
you’re** you are **
you’ve** you have

*When i see sentences such as " They’re house don’t have any insulation in the attic"

*The ‘I’ should be capitalized.


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