Things are much worse than what I thought

I went to the bank to cash a $9000 check today. The teller told me that she would have to give me a cashiers check because they didn’t have that much cash on hand. I told her that I wanted cash not a cashiers check. She said that she could give me $3000 in cash today and they would have too order the rest and it would take a week and be in next Thursday. I was astonished and really didn’t know what to say. I can’t believe that a major bank didn’t have $9000 in cash. I guess things are much worse than what I thought.

That is really scary!

I have also noticed that silver and gold bullion is getting harder to get. 1 oz silver selection is down to 1 or 2 types (for immediate delivery).

I’ve had that happen a couple times over the years. I remember one “Chase” for just over 10K basically said the same thing two years ago!

Yeah ditto here, I think many smaller branches keep a relatively small amount of bills on hand and have a policy of not cashing large checks without notice, I had the same thing with bank of America last year.



Well I am glad to hear that maybe the case. Maybe it was just coincidence.

I did a little banking today, made a withdrawal, no problems.

Show me the money:)

Must be nice to have a check for 9 grand.

Thats normal, they have to borrow the money from the CEO.