Things that make you do "DOOOH!"

Casement window knob over a kitchen sink. WHen shown to contractor (new construction) he said “Doooh!”.

Anyone have any others?


Hi! Will;
That’s no problem just remove the faucet when you want to open the window.:stuck_out_tongue:

Not nice but an easy fix.
These handles catch venation blinds all the time .
I tell my client to stop into a Trailer store or motor home place they sell round handles like a door knob with grooves in it and they work well and do let the blind slide by.
… Cookie

Yes, they sell the handles that look like a wing nut also.

A typical New York Solution.

Kinda explains why you have Hillary as your Senator :mrgreen:

Wing Nut. Good name for the for the sub who installed it.

Just goes to prove that there is a deep, eternal and vicious war going on behind the scenes between Carpenters and Plumbers.

Wing nuts…The handles look like these.

Hey …I found a hasp lock on a main electrical panel…does that count? HeHe:mrgreen:

If you post a picture, it does.

This thread is to show clrar pictures of really stupid installations of :workmanship’ that, when explained by the HI, make the buider or his subs say “DOH”.


Let’s get with it and fill this thread with these types of examples. Helps the inspectors and the clients who look here.

They are paying us. Let’s show them what we see.

This is not a problem from an inspection angle but it makes me crazy when the HVAC guys put a thermostat right in the middle of a perfectly good picture hanging wall…lol

Sorry about the size.
This is a plumbing shutoff up against the furnace cabinet. New construction of course.


Here’s one from yesterday… I know you guys see this all the time, because I do too. It probably shouldn’t even be here because it’s so common. But it is a DOOOH! (47yr old bank owned.)


This could be a really fun thread…Here’s a bonus for everyone. I’m wanting to make a flier/e-mail blast on why people who buy new homes should have a home inspection. (Something a Realtor might be comfortable giving to their buyers.)

If you share your “DOOOH” pictures (New Construction), I’ll return the favor by giving you a copy of the flier to modifiy and use as your own.

The funnier and stupider the better.

Post them here, I’ll PM the posters who I’d like to use.

Everyone who offers a new construction DOOOH picture can have a copy of my flier once it is done (regardless of if I use your pic), but you you’ve got to post it here and say I can use it first.

These are my all time favorite stairs

What they totally f#%ked-up to gain some 2 car garage attic space for an office amazed me, and I like others have seen a lot of weird C.R.A.P.

I’ve posted this one before:
1 1/2 Drain and trap.