Things We Take For Granted

We sure do have it good in our Countries. . .


Yep. We have it pretty good here. I thought losing my empty wallet yesterday was the end of the world.

Erol Kartal
Pro Inspect

Oh My Goodness!!!


How exactly did you report those front steps? I know SoCal had trouble with all the Zincos, but never thought about the rest of the house.

No kidding !!!


We sure do!!

When I went to the Phillippines there were houses
that looked worse than most chicken sheads and
60% unemployment.

In Central American there were women who carried
babies in their arms and carried wood on the heads
while they climbed a mountain… just so they could
cook that day. They did that everyday.

I met people who were sick and hurting and had
never taken medicine or went to a doctor in their
whole life. They just lived in pain without hope.

I saw villages cut in half with mud slides and
boulders that ran off the mountains in Guatemala.
We passed out food, but it was like a drop of
water in a huge ocean. People gathered around
us with their hands out and we ran out before
we could even get started. Our gift was nothing.
So many people hurting and suffering.

75% of the world will go to bed hungry tonight…

We are so blessed in the U.S.
We live what others can only dream about.

A well stated truth we should never forget.