Things you miss

I am only human and I try my best to inspect as many things as I can. Things that I seem to miss from time to time are the anti-tip for the stove and the self closing garage door. I work on a boat for my normal job and it’s engrained into us that door are always closed so closing a door after I go through it is as normal as breathing lol. It’s a small amount of homes that I miss these two items in particular but when I get home and I’m filling out my report it’s definitely a big face palm moment.

What are some things you guys miss from time to time? And don’t be shy!

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I think some of them are area dependent as well. As where we work (Eastern Canada) anti-tips are not common and or non-existent. With that, its very unlikely for us to see seismic straps installed on HWH , as we just dont need them, although one day it may surprise me.

But to answer the original question: I tend to forgot on occasions to take an initial photo of the Electrical Panel before opening it up. In which I dont have a full sequence of photos. I tend to take my images at slightly different angles, so the progression of the inspection can be realized.

Putting the furnace back together and realizing I forgot to take a picture of the data tag. Always seems to be the ones that are a pain to open and close too.


Once I left the pool heater on. The electric bill was $300 more.
Never missed the anti-tip.

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I’ve in some instances had the home owner arrive back home before I’ve complete the inspection, then when I leave I thank them for letting me go through their house and I’m on my way, then after I arrive back at the office I discover that I forgot to put the key back into the LB, Ugh. And it always seems to happen when the inspection was a 30+ minute drive back.

R22 or 410A on the data tag, and its usually from the unit on the roof

I’ve done that more than I care to admit. So, I took the key from the lockbox and opened the door and put the key right back in the lock box (unless there are other keys to open the out buildings, etc.).

Then I lock the door and inspect the inside.

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One time I was finishing up and double checking to make sure the furnace was on. It was not on and the furnace was in the attic, access was in the living room with newly refinished hardwood floor, and I had already put my ladder and protective cover away. Client and their realtor were waiting to talk over the inspection. Thankful I checked and was still onsite but a little awkward when I had to go back up there.

It’s winter time and a few inspections ago I left my gloves and beanie right by the main door on this shelf. Called the listing agent to see if they “found” my gloves and hat, no return call. Cool, thanks guys. I should have written up more… jk haha

I forgot what I forgot so I am always good to go.

For me, it is usually the dryer vent. If I do not see it outside I may forget to go and find it! Roof, crawlspace or missing. The other thing is usually styles and materials things like…was that tile or linoleum? I have a checklist for these things, but I have to use it for it to work! :slight_smile:

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