Think I should call this out?

So yeah, ummm… well I found this during my very first inspection today…

Hmmm. Why didn’t I think of that. I would have never thought of using the shower head as a cable hanger. That’s a lot easier than the way I would have done it. :roll:

Ms Sparky

:roll: You’re going to start right off as a deal killer, eh Sean?

Honestly I swear to god she looked at me like I was an idiot when I said “you’re going to kill yourself”. Oh but its ok, it was used to power a television in the livingroom. Hopefully this isn’t a deal killer… Do you think it was there when they had an open house last weekend?

You’re getting some good ones there Sean! Keep a folder of these pictures, you’ll need them someday!

“At the LOCATION, an extension cord is used as permanent wiring, and needs to be replaced with permanent wiring.”

Classic. :|.)

I assume you’re talking about the separated vinyl siding by the neat cord system, aren’t you??;-):wink:

The orange extension cord is too short. Recommend replacing with a longer cord…

Classic stuff…

Leave it …hopefully Darwin will intervene prior to closing. :twisted:

Don’t think Darwin’s theory is /was complete…too many stupid people still living on…must be more corollaries to be developed!!