Think this can be easily fixed?

Yesterdays inspection.
Roof discharging onto bumpout. I didn’t like the way this looked so I checked inside by removing the vapor barrier and pulling out the insulation.

Buyer is ready to walk. I suggested having a roofer come out and maybe suggest a fix.
Bad design as the water just blasts onto the vinyl.
2006 home.

Maybe needs a Jiminy Cricket? :mrgreen:

Extend the roof to the wall return, flash accordingly and build a cricket to get the water out of the corner.
A kick out diverter and gutter may not work with heavy rains and ice.

I didn’t think of extending the wall.

Might be easy, wouldn’t be cheap.

Wait a minute, you mean just the roof area that hits into the bump out?

If that’s what you mean I think I will use that.

Yes, that is what I meant, easy fix. :slight_smile:

Be sure to add the closed cut California style valley, especially there and in your country. :mrgreen::mrgreen:

Gee thanks Kenn with 2 N’s.

I woulda done a “Long Island cut” valley and you know that’s not done in Minnesota.

I am feeling ornery today. :mrgreen:
Pushed it to much with my knee.
I need to get back to work. :twisted::twisted:

Go back to work or take more medication.

I did I did :D:D

I have left over Oxy if you need some. :mrgreen:

Oh great, before we just bickered and argued, now were peddling dope.:shock:

So do I.

They gave 2 weeks worth and I only used it for 2 days. I needed it last night, just over did the exercise hey have me doing. :roll::roll:

Yup, dumb design!
Yup a half cricket might do the trick!

Is this a new build?

Are they planning on installing gutters on the house?

Home built 2006.
Not enough room to install a gutter between the roof and house wall. Although if you could the problem would remain.

Guy and his wife like the location and therefore like the home. 3 car garage and he has a boat.

Marcel is right, run the roof to the wall and install a saddle/ cricket.

I agree that a gutter wouldn’t work between the roof and the bump out and I would agree with Marcel’s solution, it just looks like they don’t have gutters installed anywhere on the house.

Maybe I have to look closer at the pics.

No, no gutters. Negative grade from sidewalk to garage, whole slab heaved and cracked. I did suggest gutters. House has a sump basket, dry as a bone?

[quote=“mcyr, post:11, topic:106226”]

I have left over Oxy if you need some. :mrgreen:
Funny, I was going to say ask Marcel for some Oxy…

Was it perforated? :mrgreen: