Thinking about doing InspectorBoost II and would like to know...

I would like to know if anyone who attended InspectorBoost I in 2012… would consider attending InspectorBoost II in 2013? We really didn’t get enough time together to cover everything.

If you came out for InspectorBoost I in 2012 for just the novelty of it and have had your fill… say so. You won’t hurt my feelings.

If its the same thing, I won’t go again.

I would go again It was weel worth it

I did not attend 2012 but I would in 2013 if you had one near me and I schedule myself well in advanced.

I had planned to attend the 2012 InspectorBoost, but last minute work committment came up. I would attend one this year.

I did not attned 2012 but id there was one in So. Cal I would attend

We have one in San Diego in 2012 Eric.

I’d be in for it again. I have a whole slew of new information to teach.

I got jipped. Dom wasn’t at mine. I’d go just to meet Dom.

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InspectorBoost 2.0. InspectorPro Insurance is all in. I think it can be twice wht the first round was.

Bring it on

i’ll be there

I’ll be there

The deep south would be good

there are a lot of us down here

Most would attend with a new twist and new education I’m sure.

I traveled almost 4 hours to see the first one. I would go again if it was new content and maybe a little longer to get more useful information out while still getting the questions answered.

I’d go if one was in Houston.
Also, I’d go to whichever one you have in Australia end of May beginning of April. But Kenton and Dom already know about it :wink:

I was away this year so would like to attend in Baltimore/DC.

I did not attend in 2012 but would in 2013 it it was close by (Charlotte). If I only came away with one good idea its worth it, but sounds like there would be alot more!!

I felt that everything that was discussed, almost everything that was discussed, I had already found on my own on the Nachi website.

Unless there were going to be new ideas that could not be found on the site I would not attend.

I would go again…