Thinking about starting a Part-Time Inspection Career

I live in the tri-state area of West Tennessee (Memphis, Tn - West Memphis, Ar - North Ms). I currently have a full time job with the government (non-inspection related) and I wanted to know if the current economy would keep me from getting any work after getting certified? I haven’t started any school inspection schooling as of yet, but I am thinking about it. I just don’t want to spend the money and time on something that may not work out in the end. I do think that the fact that I live within 20 miles of 3 states gives me an advantage. what do you guys think. Has work slowed down or sped up since around 2008?

Thanks in advance.

Demand (for inspections) and supply (of inspectors) self levels. True for the home inspection business as it is for the pizza business. If you think you’ll only succeed by relying on a freak time in the market where demand temporarily exceeds supply, you should not go into business… any business.

Hey Nick, I have one other problem… finding a supervisor (mentor) so that I can gain the 2.5 years of experience. Is there a tried and proven route for finding someone to guide you on this? I am lost on that part. I have heard some people say they a feeling as though they have taken classes for nothing being that they can’t find someone to assist them with gaining the experience.

IMO, if you do it part time, you’ll never do very well. If you jump in both feet, you’ll be more driven, and more respected as a full time home inspector, not a jack of all trades guy.

“Home inspector yes, OK…Home inspector no, OK…Home inspector so/so, squish like grape.”

Kind of Mr. Miyagi

Worth repeating…

I like to find a part time Government job any chance at that? hmm lets see if they hired a bunch of part timers then there be no need for full time employment . Sorry just a full time inspector making a living at one thing.

I wish to echo this loudly, and agree with what Nick said. I personally started my Inspection Biz with my left foot hanging in the construction world. I made a conscious decision to “jump in with both feet” and it was the second greatest decision I have ever made. (the first being joining a H.I. Association called InterNACHI, You might have heard of it)
Best of luck to you sir.

Can anyone answer this question?

Try out and see who all is outside of a 50 miles radius, then start calling.
Inspectors typically see other inspectors in their area as competitors, so mentoring their future competitor isn’t what they dream about doing. Personally, I couldn’t care less, I have inspectors within 5 miles who I call friends, we call each other, have coffee every now and then to talk about what works best and what doesn’t.
So, I would say that if you want to find someone who can help you and mentor you, try to find something(s) you can do that will help them in their business :wink: