Thinking about taking a home inspector class

I have a full time job… Have a prior history in home improvements and repairs… Family has been in the home improvement business for over four generations… I’m a civil servant and have plenty of time off. I wanna work for myself i have a masters degree in administration. .? I’m a hard worker and really don’t give up at anything until I’m successful… Would u guys please tell me your thoughts on becoming a home inspector and is there potential in this field or is there to much competition and not enough work??

I think that many can succeed at whatever they put their mind to. Some areas may be saturated but still…there are those that stand out.

What area do you plan your work, Frank? Maybe those in that general vicinity can be of more assistance to you specifically.

New york/Long island

Unless you go full time you are better off cleaning rugs…true.
Business takes time to generate.

Frank- if you want I devote the time it takes to do the training, I say go for it. Even if you only do a few inspections at first, there is always room to grow and maybe even one day become your full time gig. If you have relatively minimal experience, I would recommend a live class somewhere and then supplement with the InterNACHI training when you have completed that.

I was in your position. Did it the same way. Was doing commercial drying, which has many aspects of home inspection involved. Did my training and slowly started my business. Year 2, I was full time. Now I am about 20 hours per day, 7 days per week. Be careful what you wish for and it is very possible. Don’t take any short cuts. Do it right.

It is a dirty nasty hot job that you deal with a s s holes most of the time. Stick to your cozy office job as I would trade places in a heartbeat :slight_smile: Especially if you are making a GOOD living and have decent hours and benefits.

Not an office job lol… im a police officer / firefighter/emt …I just wanna have something to fall back on when I retire

Personally I think your words don’t say man this is what I want to do. You are asking about potential in field and enough work etc. If you want to work for yourself that is great and the only thing I have ever done since my early teens but just because you want to work for yourself isn’t enough. You have to enjoy what you are doing and not only looking for something to do. Success or failure is all on you and nobody else. I get so tired of hearing people say the economy, market and my area is why I don’t or business has failed be it a store, restaurant or home inspection. Marketing, adjusting with times, providing a quality service and product its an evolving door that you have to keep up with.

Frank you’ll be surprised how many skills you already have with a firefighting background. I live at the Jersey shore and my entire staff including myself are retired or active fireman. I know It’s a far ride, but if you ever want to take ride along you should give me a shout. Becoming a home inspector was one of the best decisions of my life and I wouldn’t change a thing. Send me an email if your interested in more information or a ride along.

My bad no disrespect intended and thanks for serving. I thought I saw admin or something and saw civil servant later. There are lots of better more fun things you could do I am sure. Low pay, crappy people who want you to bend over backwards for them and can be quite disgusting at many times.

I wish you the best of luck :slight_smile:

Frank don’t listen to this guy. He’s just mad cause he sucks.

No Juan, I would not steal your idea. I heard that was one of your ancillary services and the fellas love it. The Preacher / God Squaders types are always the ones you got to watch and always in the closet. Funny how they ALWAYS cast the first stone also. Cowards also as they never talk that crap to my face in person.

John may take u up on that ty

3- questions for you
Do you like to drive and don’t mind getting stuck in traffic? you can drive 25,000 miles a year in this profession.
Are you afraid of tight cramped and some time wet spaces?
Are you afraid of heights?
If your answer to any of the above questions is yes find another profession.

Hey, if you’re already used to “putting out fires”, and being responsible for fixing things that are not your fault, then Home Inspection is right up your alley.

Hi Frank,

I am a full time firefighter and started doing home inspections 3 1/2 years ago and love it. I work the California shift so it allows ample time for inspecting. To answer your question. Do your homework first for your area. I researched and contemplated starting the business 2 years before acting. Was there room, what’s my competition, and what sets me apart. Then it was off to school to learn as much as I could. InterNACHI is a great resource.

In the end do your homework for your area and make sure you are doing it because you enjoy it. It can be some long days doing both so you really need to make sure you are having fun doing it. Good luck.

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I have a full time job… Have a prior history in home improvements and repairs./QUOTE]


Call Bill Merrell at Merrell Institute. He is on Long Island.

1461-16 Lakeland Ave., Bohemia, NY 11716 - Office: 631-563-7720 - Fax: 631-563-7719

The InterNACHI Long Island chapter is one of the best. The chapter president is Len Unger. Len also teaches for Merrell.