Thinking of becoming a home inspector in West Virginia

Hi everyone. Newbie here. I am currently a registered PE and thinking of starting up a home inspection business on the side here in Greenbrier County, West Virginia. One of the requirements to become certified in WV is that you have to have 80 hours of instruction “which directly relates to the performance of professional home inspections”. Where could I get this training? Also, what is the best way to set up the business - LLC, sole proprietorship, or other? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Would love to hear from fellow West Virginians willing to help - I noticed a few here on the board.

Welcome, David, and good luck. I hope your decision to become a home inspector leads you to become a member of our association, as well.

I most definitely will if all goes as planned.

Before you invest in becoming an inspector you should buy and read Keith Swifts book “Inspect and Protect”. Be advised that once you read it you may not want to be an inspector. Had I read this book 20 years ago when I started I would have gone into a different business.

If you have personal assets consult a risk manager and attorney before doing an inspection. In this business being worthless is an asset. Errors and omissions insurance does not appear reliable according to what I read on the forums and in the book. Its kind of good for one or two hits then your uninsurable. It also appears the insurance companies are there to protect their profit before they defend you. The inspector appears to be the patsy in the real estate process.

I encourage you to continue to investigate your idea but be very aware of the risks before spending on training and marketing.

Good luck.

Thanks John well said and well explained .
I would highly recommend you spend many hours reading this BB. Much information has been given previously and you can spend many hours digesting it some Great some not so good .
All the Best .
Roy Cooke …

Go to a local home inspector meeting or see if
you can do a ride along with a good inspector.

This helps.


If this is what you want to do then go for it. :wink:

You need to check with the government authority that regulates/certifies home inspectors in your state. Since you are already a registered professional, that requirement may not apply to you. It’s worth a call to your local authority.

you need to contact the WV State Fire Marshall’s office for licensing information.

The 80 hour HI course is required, but maybe some of your experience and/or training will cross over & be counted? not sure.
Plus there are insurance and CE requirments.
I’m WV licensed b/c we are right on the border with OH & WV. Good luck!!