third party billing

Good afternoon,

My first time posting so I hope I’m doing this correctly. I am licensed in Texas and was unable to find out information on this particular topic online. I was wondering if it is allowed for me to pay for ancillary inspections for a client such as WDI and then bill that to my customers as long as the customer is aware that it is being done by a third party and not in any way associated with our company other than a pass through?

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Jonnie Wells
Professional Inspector
TREC License # 22941

In your example with WDI inspections this is covered in the Texas Occupations Code, Structural Pest Control law found here OCCUPATIONS CODE CHAPTER 1951. STRUCTURAL PEST CONTROL . In short if you read Section 1951.003 you will see you can not even advertise WDI inspections let alone sub-contract them. Of course that doesn’t seen to stop many Inspectors here who choose to ignore the laws.

Thank you sir. That answers my question. Have a great day