This board broke another record today with over 115 members and 418 users online.

11:23 am today.

Slow season. We got nothing better to do than login and check out.


Cool though.

Helps the rankings.

Well with all the stuff going on … can’t blame them.

One thing about the emailed Inspector Benefits News is that members are finding out (from emails and our calls) that NACHI really does rock.
We send about 30 inspectors a day to What’s New, as well as the MB.

It’s amazing how many members have not availed themselves of the wealth of knowledge to be shared here . . . But they are learning!

I think the bb is broke

why when you click on new post you get 7 days of post when I get on the board daily to see want going on. I hope this is not they way it is going to be from now on I like better when only new post would come up when you click on new post form the list time you visit.