This board hit 100,000 posts already in just 2006!

Look at the bottom of and you will see that today we hit our 100,000th post for the year 2006! That’s almost 10,000 posts a month.

NACHI launched this new message board at the begining of 2006 and reset the post counter to zero then

13,072 registered users.
Hundreds of thousands of viewers.

Because of Mr Gromicko’s Dedication and this website is why I joined NACHI.

Continuing Education is great, but we sometimes do them because of requirements we must fullfill. This site and it’s message board provides more education than sitting in a clasroom for months. Also we visit these boards because we want to and are blessed with sometimes more one on one discussions and fellowship than at seminars and chapter meetings.

If Nick put a electronic clock on how long each members is logged into the boards and treated it as CEUs I bet many would already have surpassed any state requirement or CMI requirements. In my opinion this board has more to teach a new inspector than any classroom.

With 25 years of construction, Pest Control and Home inspection careers I’ve looked to site as this for my questions to be answered. This one is without a doubt the best… Why I joined Nachi.

Nice post, Rex

  • with a lot of truth!

I agree Russell, nice post Rex.

Only problem is 9,500 of those where posted by Wendy :slight_smile: :-;;