This chat thing has got to go! Everyone agree?

It is friggin’ annoying.
It is even there with I’m attaching photos…
Someone get this off the forum…


u sure get annoyed over the most trivial things
u’re a real pita to read & be around ;~))

Yes!!! PLEASE! Take it away.:neutral::frowning:

Put some black tape over it.

On my phone if you enlarge to look at something, it gets larger too PITA!

i agree___________please

OFF with it’s head!!!

Someone remove this…ASAP.

If they need a button to chat with InterNACHI admins for some unknown or unforeseen reason that we have never needed before, they can put a button right below the log in at the top right of the page… one that moves with the page and doesn’t go over the top of everything.

I say give them a 48 hours to remove it and after that, EVERYBODY starts hitting the button at the same time. Inundate them with stupid questions, comments, and complaints about the stupid button. It can be our very own May Day Anarchists revolt. Everybody start at 6pm their local time on May 1st so we get waves and waves of activity through the time zones.

DOWN WITH THE STUPID BUTTON… :twisted::twisted::twisted::twisted::twisted::twisted::twisted:

I just keep re taking the survey. For an 18 yr old Australian Girl with a PHD I made a lot of money last year.

The more we talk about it the more google juice is acquired.

You know the posts 18 Gazillion new posts about chat was achieved today :slight_smile:

We Have All The Records :slight_smile:

Nachi is the King of SEO :slight_smile:



<<Waiting for reply>>

The button is truly distracting. Please remove it.

It’s not gone yet.

What button?

This one:

stupid chat.JPG

Reply received:

I guess after 10 years as a Member and being on this MB, I’m too frucking stoopid to know how sheet works!

<<Guess I should just go hang out on Facebook like everybody else.>>


I tried that Also.

Typical way things work around here. No one really gives a crap what we want they just want the newest latest but obviously NOT the GREATEST.

Mr. Gromicko, remove this icon! :wink: