This Guy is Crazier...

…than the mental midgets who follow him.](

This is more than just a couple of mentally challenged morons on a message board. This is an entire subculture of satanic beasts…calling themselves “conservative”.

Glenn Beck is the current target of all the lefties.

Thanks for piling on James. :sarcasm:

Something he says must scare the crap out of them.

If he was all loon no one would pay any attention now would they?

Well, I am sure it’s not his fault the far left whacko’s came out in response.

Actually, I am just kidding. Is this the right forum/section for this topic?

One of the scariest and creepiest looking faces I have ever seen.
I may have nightmares.

Anyone looking to buy a chalkboard.?
I just for some reason ,can’t bear to use mine anymore.

Better tune in tomorrow. It could be interesting.

Democrat of Glennbeckistan

Last week, upstate New York **Democratic congressman Eric Massa** was  retiring fairly conventionally. Under a bit of a cloud, yes: it was  unclear whether he was retiring because of a recurrence of his cancer or  because of allegations that he sexually harrassed a male staffer. He  allusively conceded last week that his comportment hasn't always been  highly professional.

But this week, Massa is suddenly on a tear against Democrats. He spoke on the radio of Rahm Emanuel. A HuffPo account:“He is an individual who would sell his mother to get a vote. He would strap his children to the front end of a steam locomotive,” Massa said of Emanuel’s desire to lock up vital votes on health care reform. “You think that somehow they didn’t come after me to get rid of me because my vote is the deciding vote in the health care bill? Then, ladies and gentlemen, you live today in a world that is so innocent as to not understand what’s going on in Washington, D.C.”
According to an account given by Massa, he and Emanuel have had tense confrontations in the past, including one particularly memorable incident in the shower of the Congressional gym.
“Let me tell you a story about Rahm Emanuel,” Massa started. "I was a congressman in my first eight weeks, and I was in the congressional gym, and I went down and I worked out and I went into the showers…I’m sitting there showering, naked as a jaybird and here comes Rahm Emanuel not even with a towel wrapped around his tush, poking his finger in my chest, yelling at me because I wasn’t going to vote for the president’s budget. Do you know how awkward it is to have a political argument with a naked man?
Here’s the soundof the radio interview. It’s incredible.
He basically alleges on this tape that Emanuel and Steny Hoyer (House majority leader, number two to Pelosi) planted the dirt on him and got him hauled before the ethics panel because he voted against healthcare reform.
And now, he’s going on Glenn Beck tomorrow night. Allegedly for the full hour. He can do damage. Listen to the radio bit – he sounds like a nut to me, but to people who like that Glenn Beck sort of thing, he will sound persuasive.

I wouldn’t doubt the Dems are pushing him out. He voted against the bill last November, and now it’s down to counting every nose. This sounds like he and House leaders had some kind of understanding and something went very wrong. And now he wants to kill health care reform…

You shouldn’t swallow your moral code in tablet form anyway.

I watched what I could of Beck show and at the end Glenn said he had wasted our time.

I guy was a goofball.

And just for Russell. I was wrong. The guy was not as hyped. :wink:

Who’s Glenn Beck? Oh that former drug addict conservative whacko.

Yep thats who he is.

I thought that was Limbaugh. I’m getting my nut jobs confused, now. Oh, well. Is there really a difference?

Between you and joey?

No not much.

I’ll remind you that you are posting in the public forum that can be googled and where the COE is in effect.

Attacking members is an activity limited to the cesspool.

I have said nothing here I am ashamed of.

How about you?