This guy says he has the answer, solution to basement flooding lololoooll

recent videos posted, ya have a realtor who wants homeowners to blindly think HE has the answers, then ya have Mr Level-head and his mudjacking crap, now we have this guy…

Nothing about basement back-ups, clogged-busted lateral line, nothing about exterior foundation wall cracks etc, just clean your gutters and agggggggggain, ‘water management’, yeah sure okay, he just has to right, pfffttt.

so if people listen to the “professional” in video above, he would NOT have recommended to remove some drywall (video below) now would he? Nope! He would have yapped about water management and clean the gutters, right? right! This homeowner had a couple INT drainage system chumps over for estimates… guess what they wanted to do and… for how much $$$ ? In this video you’ll see his LONE problem and solution, if you want the truth that is.

You knew this was coming! :crazy_face:


hehehehheeeee!!! YES, I did! lolollll


I’d like TA see ‘handyman in a friggin can’, hand dig a simple 5’ long by 6’ deep trench and waterproof a crack in foundation wall, Uncle Bubba will provide the digging shovel and 714 rorer, got dat?

The guy didn’t say a word about the inadequate kick-out flashing.