This has never occured before for me

Both inspections tomorrow are for recent clients that did not buy the first house.

One killed deal was a mold infested rat trap but was priced at about $25 a square foot. Decent bulldozer material and had a newer deck that was built real close to code.

The other one was a flip, the seller put in about 80k (he said 100k) but failed to disclose a septic tank (inside charlotte city limits), Client found out that it would cost $10k to connect to city sewer since it would require a pump. The seller was even going to replace the Zinsco and the FPE stab-lok.

I did two home inspections on the same property for two different clients in the same week. The funny thing is things changed on the property in just four days.

You know what happens when you assume something. It makes an ***-U-ME. Home issues can change when you leave. Do seperate inspections.