This home needs a sparky!!

Lets see: FPE, double taps, no isolation at the subs. RP & OG at most receptacles. No GFCI,

This is so typical that it is getting normal.

I starting using: Recommend a licensed electrician for safety concerns, repairs & upgrades to the service & systems & leave the details to the sparkies.

I liked the old SEC for the garage still being live. Was I stupid to lean a metal ladder on metal siding? The wires where very close to the siding. (See photo)

Question. What is the black box for? It is a SEARS box & it is for a sump pump. (See photo)


87606 7 Hills 035 (Small).jpg

87606 7 Hills 035 (Small).jpg

87606 7 Hills 026 (Small).jpg

87606 7 Hills 032 (Small).jpg

87606 7 Hills 014 (Small).jpg

87606 7 Hills 038 (Small).jpg

interesting…so how does the sump pump connect to that thingie…lol…never seen one like that.

Ahhh…remove the sparkies part…lol…amazing enough electricians like myself spend out whole life trying NOT to see sparks…let alone be called sparkies…lol