This image about sums up what it is like to be an InterNACHI member.

Too funny…but a good analogy

What… that InterNACHI members are a bunch of cheap arses looking to pay the most minimal price for anything?

It should be Canadian beer in there, hey!

Don’t know that I would put it that way, but if you want to look from the cheap side, not the value side, okay.

Point being, a picture may have a thousand words, but there is no guarantee they are the words you desire. There is a flip-side to everything. If you are trying to convey a message… state it!

I tend to agree with Jonas.

The image says to me InterNachi gets a discount on the same exact product other guys get. There is no difference in product, just price.

The image doesn’t imply value at all.

So, a better price does not indicate better value?

Ask any low-baller!

There is only ONE message derived from this…


Note the Machine price… $1.00

Do you think all home inspectors are the same and all offering the level of service and expertise?

Because I see two identical vending machines.


I like it.

It comes a point in time that a Company can assimilate some of the Best Mechanics of the trade to join forces, that the sales of their products shoot through the roof and can afford to sell or share their benefits at a lower price that all can take advantage.
Volume spells better price and volume provides best of the benefits.

I think Nick is trying to show that for the price of this Membership, no one can match the benefits it provides. :slight_smile:

It should be those new coke machines that offer 5000+ flavour options vs. soda water.

No, I was not indicating that all inspectors are the same. If you and I do identical inspections on the same house and one of us is less expensive, is that not a better value?
Yes, there are lowballers out there charging less and doing shoddy inspections. However the reverse is true as well.

My take on that photo was in regards to what members receive, not what the inspector is valued at. I took it as referencing what INACHI benefits save the members.


Got Logo?


So, the question is… are inspectors ‘consumers’? As I see it, soda machines are targeted at “consumers”, not “vendors”. Where is the line between a “consumer-vendor” and when is it crossed?

This would have been better: