This is a must read...WOW 25mil !!!

What an idiot, could have had a dream business.:twisted:

No such thing as


His shirt says it all.

This idiot had everything break his way to hit it big, he IS a real man of genius alright.

This man is not a Home Inspector and this has nothing to do with Home Inspections, as you and I know it. He is the owner of a Property Preservation/Field Service company and they should not be tying the two together. The “inspections” they’re referring to are nothing like what we do. A majority of the Property Preservation/Field Services or whatever it is has a lot of “corruption” within the whole system and is need of some kind of regulation.

Reguardless who he is or who he is affiilated with, the name HOME INSPECTOR was used as his title on the front page for the headlines. That damages all home inspectors, no matter what type inspection you perform. The azz had it made for life. WHAT AN IDIOT


Some people just can’t handle success! in this case its to bad because he has tarnished the Home Inspector name as we struggle to create a great and usfull industry.